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Your Sophomore Year

Congratulations on successfully completing the first year of college! You are moving up in rank! Feel free to continue using the first-year Web site; it's a great source of information. But now that you are a sophomore, there are some new things to think about. Please read below.

Have you started to think about choosing a major?

  • You need to declare a major by the end of your sophomore year!
  • Talk to your advisor and/or faculty members in the majors you find interesting. Tell them about your long and short term goals. They might be able to direct you to the perfect major.
  • Make contact with alums in the field. BSC has lots of local alumni who really want to help you connect. See Lauren Tilden in the Career Services Office to help put you in touch with alumni.
  • Check out this link.

Have you begun to worry about career issues?

  • BSC has a great Career Services Office that wants to help you find the right fit for you. Make an appointment to talk with a career counselor. 
  • Get some insight into what careers would be most fulfilling for you by completing a Myer-Briggs inventory at the Career Counseling office.
  • There are a number of internships available that can give you excellent experience and clarity about the field you are considering, and can help you make professional contacts while still in college. Again, contact the Career Services Office for more information, or check with the faculty in your major.  Don't forget that Exploration Term is a great opportunity to explore career opportunities via internships.
  • Your advisor can help you explore your options and can help you meet other faculty members who might offer you advice on careers.

Want to see the world, or just get more involved in your own community?

  • BSC is committed to making sure that all students who want a travel experience get one. Start by talking with your advisor about course offerings and financial resources for study-travel, especially during Exploration Term.
  • The Ellie and Herb Sklenar Center for International Programs is there to help you connect with a study abroad program and has all the current information you need to make your dream a reality.
  • Shorter-term travel experiences, and support funds, are available during Exploration Term.  Go to the Office of Exploration Term and Contract Learning to start exploring the possibilities.
  • If your idea of seeing the world involves changing it for the better, BSC's  Service Learning program has opportunities that span the farthest continents to our own backyard. Service Learning programs take place during the regular semester, during Exploration Term, and even during fall and spring breaks.

Want to connect more with campus intellectual and social activities?

Is your coursework starting to pile up? Are you worried about grades?

  • BSC has great tutoring resources if you just need a little help in a class. You can request some tutoring online.
  • Even the best students routinely take advantage of the Academic Resource Center (ARC).
  • ARC includes:
  • If you had problems during your first year, talk with your advisor about possibly redeeming some of those courses to get a better foundation and bring your GPA back up.
  • Are you partying too much? It's easy to get overextended if you are allowing your social life to interfere with your study time. Rethink your priorities and consider whether this is the root of your problem.
  • If you think your problems are extracurricular, the Counseling Center is there to help. The counselors can help you work through a wide variety of physical and mental health, family, and social issues. They can also help you obtain academic accommodation, if you qualify. Appointments are confidential.

Do you have financial aid concerns due to tuition increases or a change in personal circumstances?

  • Talk with your advisor about your situation.  He or she can often direct you to resources.
  • Check out Financial Aid Information on Scholarships and Grant opportunities online or call the Financial Aid Office at ext. 4688.  The College wants to help if possible, don't hesitate to ask.
  • Check out student employment opportunities - Birmingham-Southern College Work-Study is fully funded by the College and is not need based - students need not be receiving federal financial aid to work under this program.
  • Career Services: Make an appointment with the Career Services Office for help with your career planning and job search strategies. Get career counseling, career testing, and assistance with résumé writing, interviewing, and networking. Get help with fulltime careers, part time jobs, volunteer projects, internships, mentorships, and grad school prep.
  • Interested in becoming a Residence Advisor? Contac the Office of Residence Life at ext. 4726.