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Summer and Fall Registration, Confirmation, Add, and Drop

  • 04/10/17 - TheSIS temporarily closes for Summer 2017 registration; students may register using paper forms in Office of Academic Records

  • 04/11/17 - Fall Registration: Seniors, Juniors, Harrison Scholars

  • 04/13/17 - Fall Registration: Sophomore and First-Year Fall in-season athletes

  • 04/19/17 - Fall Registration: All other Sophomore and First-Year

  • 04/25/17 - TheSIS open for Summer and Fall 2017 add/drop/registration for all students

  • 05/16/17 - TheSIS closes for Summer and Fall 2017 add/drop/registration; students may register for Summer 2017 using paper forms in Office of Academic Records

  • 06/07/17 - TheSIS opens for Summer 2017 confirmation/add/drop

  • 06/15/17 - TheSIS closes for Summer 2017 confirmation/add/drop

  • 08/16/17 - TheSIS opens for Fall 2017 confirmation/add/drop

  • 08/25/17 - Fall 2017 confirmation ends

  • 08/30/17 - TheSIS closes for Fall 2017 add/drop

Courses Repeated Policy

A student who has received a grade of "C-" or below in a course may repeat the course under the following conditions:

  1. Courses may be repeated only by courses taken at BSC or at the same college/university where the courses were originally taken.
  2. Before a course taken elsewhere may be repeated, the Records Office and the chair of the appropriate department must approve the choice of the course to be taken.
  3. Registration for repeated courses must be processed in the Records Office rather than online.

Registration Instructions for Contracts

All contracts, tutorials, and individualized courses ending with 93, 97, 99 must be registered through the Contract Learning Center and should be entered on a separate course plan form. The deadline for registering for contracts (except internships) is the same as other courses.

Schedule Changes After Registration

A student who has pre-registered for a term, may add or drop courses on the confirmation registration dates. After that time, schedule changes are made through the Records Office. A fee is charged for each change after the second week of class unless the change is at the request of the College. Schedule changes after the first week of class require the signature of the instructor on a hard copy registration form. No course can be added after the first two weeks of a regular term (fall and spring) or after the first week of a summer term.


ROTC courses and registration instructions  for ROTC Classes at Samford University (Air Force) and UAB (Army) can be obtained in the Academic Records office.

Scholarship Eligibility

Students must be enrolled for three (12.0 semester hours) or more units to be considered for scholarships at Birmingham-Southern College.

This is also a requirement for a full-time Pell Grant and Alabama Student Grant. Eligible students must be enrolled for a minimum of 1.5 units (6 semester hours) to be considered for a partial Pell and/or Alabama Student Grant. Click here to visit the BSC Financial Planning home page.

BACHE Registration

The Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education

Printable BACHE form

Full-time students enrolled at a BACHE Institution who are in good academic standing at the home campus may, with written permission and at no additional charge, take a course at another BACHE campus if it is deemed to be beneficial to the student's overall educational program. For more information click BACHE.

Transient Registration

Printable Transient Form 

The transient form serves as a "Letter of Good Standing" for BSC students who wish to take one or more courses at another institution. 

Building Abbreviations


Kennedy Art Center
Art Annex
Days/Hours to be arranged
James Blaine Hill Music Building
Marguerite Jones Harbert Building
Berte Humanities Center
N.E. Miles Library/Rush Learning Center
Munger Memorial Hall
Franklin Olin CS/Math Center
Phillips Administration
Meyer Planetarium
Teach at Schools
Stephens Lab Center
Stephens Science Center
Dance Studio in Gym
Tennis Courts
College Theatre