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Parents, we welcome contact with you and want to hear from you often! For your convenience, we have provided the web form below if you would like to contact us in this manner with any questions, comments or suggestions about any BSC-related issues. Make sure you include your current contact information so we can reply to you quickly and also ensure we have your address for all of our mailings and electronic communication.

We always like to have direct contact with you when that’s possible, so we invite you to get in touch with the following offices when you prefer to talk to us:

  • For academic-related concerns, contact the Provost’s Office at 205/226-4648
  • For student life-related questions, contact the Student Development at 205/226-4722
  • For financially-related questions on your account, contact Student Accounts at 205/226-7871
  • For financial aid-related concerns, contact Financial Aid at 205/226-4688

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