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Financial Planning

Principles of Excellence

Birmingham-Southern is proud to be a participating institution in the Principles of Excellence as provided by Executive Order 13607 to ensure that student Veterans, Servicemembers, and family members have information, support, and protections while using Federal Education Benefits.

More than 6,000 educational institutions have agreed to the "Principles of Excellence," which offer guidelines that promote transparency and student success by:

  • Providing students with a personalized information covering the total cost of their education program. Prior to enrollment, prospective students may contact the Office of Financial Planning to receive information concerning the cost of the educational program including tuition and fees, the amount of that cost that will be covered by Federal education benefits, the type and amount of financial aid they may qualify for, and other information as mandated by the Principles of Excellence to facilitate comparison of aid packages.
  • Providing educational plans for all military and Veteran education beneficiaries. The Office of Financial Planning is committed to informing students of the availability of Federal financial aid and alerting students of their potential eligibility before arranging private student loans or alternative financing programs.
  • Accommodating Service members and Reservists absent due to service requirements.
  • Designating a point of contact to provide academic and financial advice. Birmingham-Southern College is committed to providing all students with sound advisement throughout their student career. Along with a personal Academic Advisor selected from the BSC Faculty, the Degree Audit Specialist in the Office of Academic Records provides personalized feedback and guidance to students for completing their academic goals.

In addition, the institution affirms its commitment to delivering an exceptional educational experience by:

  • Refraining from fraudulent and aggressive recruiting techniques and misrepresentations.
  • Ensuring accreditation of all new programs prior to enrolling students.
  • Aligning institutional refund policies with those under Title IV, which governs the administration of federal student financial aid programs.

For more information on the Principles of Excellence, please visit www.gibill.va.gov.