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2017 Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship Day

Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship Day, Saturday, February 11, 2017, is an opportunity for high school seniors to compete for renewable scholarships in Fine & Performing Arts.


Theatre & Musical Theatre:

Theatre Scholarships are awarded based on an audition and interview with the theatre faculty. For musical theatre, the audition consists of sixteen measures each from two Broadway/Off Broadway songs and one monologue of no longer than one minute in length. Auditionees should choose material close to their age and experience—please, no Shakespeare or dialects. An accompanist will be provided. Please make sure music is clearly marked, hole punched, and in a binder. For theatre, the audition consists of two monologues of no longer than one minute in length each. Each auditionee should provide an 8x10 headshot along with a resume and any letters of support.

All auditionees will participate in theatre games and have the opportunity for a one-on-one interview with a theatre faculty member. Students interested in technical theatre and design should bring with them a portfolio of their work.

If you are unable to attend the theatre audition on the date scheduled, please contact Matthew Mielke at (800) 523-5793, extension 4785, or (205) 226-4785 to schedule an alternative date. For more information, see our Theatre Scholarship page.

Art & Art History:

Art Scholarships are awarded on the basis of a portfolio and an interview with each participant.

The portfolio should contain only two-dimensional work. Three-dimensional work and large work should be presented as photographs or on CD/DVD. The portfolio should be no larger than 30 inches on either side. Portfolios should be brought to the Doris Wainwright Kennedy Art Center on the day of the Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship competition.

The portfolio should include:

  • Perspective from life, not from a photograph
  • Still life drawing in line
  • Still life drawing in value
  • Still life in color
  • Portrait or Self-portrait in graphite from life, not from a photograph
  • Hand or foot from life, not from a photograph
  • Sketchbooks are encouraged
  • Short written artist statement

Art History Scholarships are awarded on the basis of a writing sample and an interview with each candidate. The writing sample should be a one- to two-page visual analysis of an artwork of the student's choosing, and should include a scanned or photocopied reproduction of the artwork analyzed. Writing samples should be brought to the Doris Wainwright Kennedy Art Center on the day of the competition.

Tours of the Azar Art Studios, Durbin Gallery, digital computer lab, and campus tours will be offered, as well as the opportunity to talk informally with current students, recent graduates, and parents of art students.

For more information, contact Ms. Judy E. Pandelis, Manager of the College Theatre Box Office/Academic Programs Secretary/Art & Art History, Music, and Theatre & Dance Departments at 205.226.4928 or toll free at 1.800.523.5793 extension. 4928. You may also email Ms. Pandelis at jpandeli@bsc.edu or any of the Art & Art History professors.


Music scholarships are awarded on the basis of an audition and an interview.

  • Singers are expected to sing at least two songs from memory in contrasting style.
  • Pianists are expected to play from memory two pieces of at least the difficulty of the Bach Inventions or the sonatas of Haydn or Mozart.
  • Organists are expected to play one of the easier Bach preludes and fugues or works of comparable difficulty. Organists are also expected to show competence on the piano.
  • Instrumentalists or guitarists should play two pieces or etudes in contrasting styles.
  • Composers should bring two or more original compositions and recordings (if available) with them. Composition scholarships are awarded to incoming composition majors based on the quality of the student's original work.
  • Students interested in church music or music history should audition in their principal instrument.

For more information, contact Dr. Jacqueline Leary-Warsaw at jwarsaw@bsc.edu or (205) 226-4948.

You must fill out and submit a Reservation Form prior to February 11, 2017, to be eligible for the competition.