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Request photography or video

Vodeo and Photpgraphy services are ayailable through Communications

The Office of Communications maintains a collection of photos of BSC people, places, and events over the past several years. We have images of individual buildings, administrators, staff members, faculty members, Commencement, Homecoming/Reunion, and other college events, as well as general campus scenes. If you are a looking for a particular photo, please contact us. (tcoiner@bsc.edu)

If you need photos of a person or an event for your office, department, or project, our staff may be able to provide one or schedule a photo shoot. We are also looking to expand our photo library—and provide more images for our website, college publications, and social media—so please let us know of upcoming events on or off campus that might provide photographic opportunities.

If you are interested in a video project involving BSC students, faculty, staff, alumni, or events, please contact tcoiner@bsc.edu and/or hwolfson@bsc.edu.