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Mail & Delivery Services

While enrolled at BSC, you will receive regular mail through our campus post office, and you will likely need to send and receive packages. The information below fills you in on the various mail and delivery services available to you, as well as how special deliveries such as flowers can be sent to students. More information is available on hours and services at the BSC Post Office website.

  • Students are assigned a Box in the BSC Post Officeand will maintain this Box for all four years. Box number and combination information can be found on the student’s TheSIS page.
  • When sending mail or packages print student’s First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name on all mail and parcels. See example:

    Mr. Joe Doe
    Birmingham-Southern College
    BSC Box ___________ (students are assigned their own BSC Box #)
    900 Arkadelphia Road
    Birmingham, AL 35254
    205-xxx-xxxx (student cell #)

  • Large packages may be sent via FedEX or UPS instead of the U.S. Postal Service; however, they are delivered to Operations and there may be a delay in delivery to the BSC Post Office. Post Office employees will place slips in students’ P.O. boxes to notify them that packages may be picked up at the mailroom reception desk.
  • Do NOT send CASH through the postal mail.
  • Fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or padded envelopes to prevent damage while in transit.
  • Perishable items requiring refrigeration should be clearly labeled, have a student’s name and cell number. Please do not send packages for delivery on a Friday – students have to be notified and they do not always pick them up promptly.

Preventing Mail Theft

  • Do NOT share your combination
  • Lock your box after each use
  • Discourage family and friends from sending cash or gift cards that cannot be replaced
  • Report mail tampering to Campus Police at x4700

Local Florist and Gift Vendors Deliver to BSC
Please note that all gift deliveries are taken directly to Student Development on the 2nd floor of the Norton Campus Center. If you send a special delivery to a BSC student, please put the student’s cell phone number on the delivery and inform them that they have an item awaiting their pick-up in Student Development. We will call and email them as well, but we find that students tend to respond more quickly when they are told by the sender of the gift that something is awaiting them. Below are a few local vendors who often deliver to campus.

Norton’s Florist – www.nortonsflorist.com – (205) 313-1945
Dorothy McDaniel’s Florist – www.dorothymcdaniel.com – (205) 871-0092
Cookies by Design – www.cookiesbydesign.com – (205) 979-1004
Contri Brothers – www.contribros.com – (205) 836-7236