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Student Development

Student Complaints

Students may at times deem themselves to have been treated by peers inappropriately, or by representatives of the College in a manner that falls outside of appropriate and reasonable standards of fairness, integrity, or appropriate execution of duties, particularly regarding the implementation of College policies, processes, and procedures. When such circumstances occur, students are encouraged to address the matter directly with the individual(s) who gave rise to the concern through personal or electronic contact, when appropriate. Students may wish to consult with the counselors in Counseling & Health Services, other professionals in the Office of Student Development, or faculty advisors for guidance before addressing the issue.

If direct contact is not appropriate or does not lead to a timely resolution of the concern, students are encouraged to seek resolution by contacting appropriate officials of the College. For concerns related to academic issues or academic-related employees of the College, students should contact the Assistant Provost, Martha Ann Stevenson, in the Provost's Office in Munger Hall 210. For all other concerns, students should contact the Dean of Students, Ben Newhouse in the Office of Student Development in the Norton Campus Center, 2nd floor. These officials will meet with students as soon as is reasonably possible, and will assist them in working with other College officials as appropriate or may request students to submit a written statement to initiate a Formal Complaint. Students can also submit a complaint to College officials by completing the online Student Complaint Form below. After receiving the information, these officials will investigate the matter thoroughly.

If the incidents potentially involve violations of College policies, such as behaviors of discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, students are encouraged to report the situation to Campus Police, Counseling and Health Services, or Student Development, and to follow the processes outlined in the Student Handbook.

Students with complaints against the institution generally, which are not resolved by the College, may wish to contact the primary accrediting body of the College, the Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACSCOC) at (404) 679-4500. Complaint procedures for SACSCOC may be found on the SACSCOC website at http://www.sacscoc.org/.