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The New Housing Selection Process

The new system will work in three steps - the application and Housing Agreement, roommate/suitemate selection, and the room/suite selection. All three steps occur online through the new Housing Portal. This will allow students to complete the Housing Application and roommate/suitemate selection online over a published period of time. The room selection process being online also allows Residence Life to make the lottery system more equitable for all students. Instead of students being able to pull up another student with a lower lottery number or be pulled down by a higher number, we will now be able to average the lottery numbers of the entire group at the end of the roommate/suitemate selection, prior to room selection, leveling the playing field and preventing one student from being the reason (or not) for getting the room you really want. The final step of the process is the actual room selection that will occur online during the evening hours to ensure students aren’t prevented from signing up due to class or other activities. Additionally, the new process not only frees students up from physically going somewhere, but means only one of the roommates/suitemates has to be available to login and select the room. This prevents those in club meetings, labs, athletic practices from being penalized.

The Housing Selection Timeline

March 6 - March 17 - The Application and Housing Agreement (Step 1)
During the application step, students will complete the Housing Application by clicking here. The Housing Application includes signing the Housing Agreement, providing updated emergency contact information, and registering your car for your parking decal next year; this step will last two weeks to ensure every student has time to complete the application. After the application closes, students will be assigned a lottery number based on class standing and GPA, the same way it worked in the old process. This number will be communicated via BSC email on or before March 20. It is imperative that all current BSC students planning to live in any on-campus housing space (residence hall, apartment, or Greek housing) must complete Step 1 by March 17 to ensure they are able select roommates or suitemates during Step 2.

March 20 - March 31 - The Roommate/Suitemate Selection (Step 2)
When the second step begins, students will be able to go back into the Housing Portal and select roommates/suitemates from all students who completed the housing application during Step 1. Students will be required to mutually request each individual in the room or suite to complete the process successfully. The Housing Portal allows each student to see which students have been mutually agreed upon and which still require action. Following the completion of Step 2, the lottery numbers of all roommates/suitemates that have been mutually selected to live with one another will be averaged together to create a rank number. Students will no longer “pull up” or be “pulled down” as in previous years. The Roommate/Suitemate Rank Number will be the order in which the roommates/suitemates select a residential space. The Roommate/Suitemate Rank Number will be communicated via BSC email on or before April 3.

April 4 - April 7 - The Room Selection Process (Step 3)
The final step is the room selection process and this step occurs online as well. Roommates/suitemates will receive a selection time ticket following Step 2 which will control the flow of students in the system at any given time. Instead of everyone in the room or suite needing to be present to sign up, a designated person from the room or suite can select the building, floor, suite, and rooms on behalf of the entire group.