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Residence Life

Policies and Procedures

Residency Requirements

All students are required to live on campus until they are 21 years of age or obtain junior class standing. Those students from a 45-mile radius of the Birmingham area may reside with a parent or legal guardian. Those students seeking an exception to this policy should contact the Director of Residence Life for more information.

Roommate and Building Assignments

No residential assignment is made on the basis of race, religion, color, disability, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation and to the extent specified by law, age or veteran status. No specific assignment based on a student's request is guaranteed. Each resident may select a roommate or roommates, as appropriate based during the application process. The College will determine re-assignments or other occupancy changes as necessary. In some cases, a Student may be reassigned to a different residential in the interest of order, health, safety, or welfare of the student, building, or College; written notice will be provided in these situations.

Vacant Spaces and Consolidation

To maximize occupancy and efficiency, the College reserves the right to consolidate rooms and move students if a vacant same gender spaces exist elsewhere in the same building in order to create an open room. Consolidation will occur at the beginning of each Fall and Spring term.

The College may reassign a vacant space in a room or apartment at any time. While efforts are made to notify students of any changes, a new roommate may be assigned without prior notification. If a room or apartment is not entirely occupied and the Office of Residence Life does not anticipate assigning an eligible new roommate, students may be offered an opportunity to pay the privatization rate for the vacant space from the date of vacancy through the remainder of the semester to ensure the space remains vacant. If a student pays the privatization rate for Fall semester and space demand is high for Spring semester, the Office of Residence Life may assign a student to that space for the term.

Compliance with Birmingham-Southern College Policies and Procedures

Every student at Birmingham-Southern College must comply with all Federal, State, local, and College laws, rules, and regulations, including those outlined in the Housing Agreement and Student Handbook. Students are expected to know their Rights and Responsibilities as well as the policies and procedures outlined in the Housing Agreement and Student Handbook.  At all times, students must respect the rights and property of all community members in the residence halls, apartment building, and Greek communities, regardless of their background, beliefs, values, or attitudes.

Each resident agrees to accept responsibility and be held accountable for his or her actions, for proper use and care of the residential facility, assigned space, common areas, and all other College property, and for the action of his or her guest(s). Students should ensure guests comply with all College policies outlined in their Housing Agreement and the Birmingham-Southern College Student Handbook.

Right to Enter

The College reserves the right to enter any residential space without a resident's permission or notification to conduct routine maintenance, housekeeping purposes, health and safety inspections, and damage inspections. Health and safety inspections will be conducted periodically each term with notice given at least 24 hours in advance. Authorized College personnel with reasonable belief that a violation of Federal, State, local, and College laws, rules, and regulations have occurred may enter room without notice.