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There are inherent risks involved in all recreational sports activities.  Participation in the BSC Intramural Sports program is purely voluntary and with the understanding that some injuries may occur regardless of the precautions taken.  Every effort will be made to make sure that the playing areas and equipment used are safe for the sport/activity to take place.  It is with this in mind that participation in the program requires everyone to sign his or her name to the Intramural Sports Roster/Waiver form at the start of each sport season.  By signing this form, the individual is acknowledging the possibility of injury and will take all needed precautions.

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  1. Birmingham-Southern College students who are currently enrolled in at least one class are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports program, unless otherwise specified. All BSC faculty members (full-time and adjunct) and staff members (full-time and part-time) are also eligible to participate and encouraged to do so whenever schedules permit. Operations, Grounds and Food Service staff members are also eligible to participate in the IM Sports program as are any interested spouses. Alumni, friends, and dependents are not eligible to participate. All faculty and staff members must play on the faculty/staff team. If there is not a faculty/staff team entered in a sport, then faculty and staff members may play on a non-Greek student team. Students may play on the faculty/staff team only if there is no other option available to them (e.g. no non-Greek student team entered in a sport.).

  2. A student who participates in an intercollegiate sport (at BSC or any prior institution) or is carried on the roster during the season, is not eligible to participate in that intramural sport (or it’s like) until one academic year has passed from the start of that season.  This includes anyone on a varsity athletic roster at the time of the first regular-season intercollegiate contest.

  3. Students who hold professional status (at any level) in a sport are ineligible to participate in the same sport (or it’s like).

  4. All Greek organizations must field teams made up of their membership and any social affiliates that they may have. Independent students may not play for any Greek organization.

  5. Individuals are limited to playing on one team in each IM sport.  The only exception to this rule is if there is a co-ed league offered in the sport, then a student may play in both the co-ed league and one of the other leagues formed.

  6. Once the season has started, an individual may not change rosters. Additions may be made to rosters up until the time the playoffs start.

  7. Individuals who are ineligible for participation in the intramural sports program, and still participate, are subject to suspension, and their team will forfeit all games that the ineligible person played in.

  8. Individuals and teams are subject to any and/or all of the following for violation of eligibility rules:

    1. Forfeiture of games

    2. Team being dropped from the league

    3. Suspension or probation
      The Director of the Physical Fitness and Recreation Department will have the final decision on all eligibility rulings.

  9. Current BSC varsity athletes are not allowed to participate in intramural sports without the expressed consent of the head coach in which he/she is a participant.  Teams that allow a varsity athlete to participate without the consent of the head coach will forfeit all games that the varsity athlete has played.

  10. The Physical Fitness and Recreation Department does not assume responsibility for the eligibility of any participant, but will investigate any protested case.

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  1. All rosters must be filled out completely and submitted no later than 12:00 p.m. on the date the entries close.  Late rosters will not be accepted unless prior arrangements are made.

  2. All participants must be on the roster before participation in a game/match.

  3. Rosters that are not filled out completely or correctly will not be accepted.

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Captain's Responsibilities

  1. The Captain must submit the team entry and roster/waiver in the desired sport on or before the announced deadline. The roster/waiver must contain the signature of each participant.

  2. The Captain must know, and indicate, all regular and special dates that the team is unavailable to play on the roster/waiver.

  3. The Captain is responsible for notifying all teammates regarding place, date, and time of all contests, as well as furnish score keepers and/or officials when required.

  4. The Captain must be familiar with eligibility, game rules, and make sure his/her team is aware of the same.

  5. The Captain must lead by example.  Because of the Captain's interest in sports and leadership, he or she should participate in a sportsmanlike manner and encourage teammates to do likewise.

  6. The Captain must complete all arrangements for rescheduled games.

  7. Team Captains are responsible for the actions of their teams, bench area, and conduct of their spectators.

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  1. The development of a sportsman-like attitude is a primary goal of the Intramural Sports program.  All individuals and organizations participating in the Intramural Sports program shall be expected to comply with the spirit, as well as the letter, of the rules. Therefore, unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated in any form.

  2. Any individual or team that is ejected from a game/match will not be allowed to return to further competition until they have met with the Director of Physical Fitness & Recreation.

  3. Grounds for ejection include, but are not limited to:

    1. Disrespect toward officials or staff members

    2. Taunting, shoving, or striking an opponent, official, or staff member

    3. Fighting

    4. Profanity and/or obscene gestures

  4. If a game/match must be stopped due to the unsportsmanlike conduct of one team, the contest will be recorded as a forfeit for that team and a win for the opposing team.  If a game must be stopped due to the unsportsmanlike conduct of both teams, the contest will be recorded as a forfeit for both teams.

  5. The Director of the Physical Fitness and Recreation Department will have the final ruling on all suspensions and probations.

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  1. Judgement calls cannot be protested.

  2. Protest involving the interpretation of rules must be made prior to the next pitch, scrimmage play, or inbounds play and will be settled by the officials and team captains. A time-out may be given back to a team if it is determined that their interpretation was correct.

  3. Protests on eligibility must be made to the referee/umpire during the game. At this time, the player in question will have the option of continuing play or removing him/herself from the game without penalty to the team. If the player continues to participate and then is found to be ineligible, then that player and the team must accept the consequences as outlined in the Eligibility section.

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  1. Game time is forfeit time. All games will begin at the officially scheduled starting time. A forfeit will be declared if a team or individual is not ready to play at the scheduled time. “Ready to play” means a team must be in the playing area with at least the minimum number of required players. The minimum number of players for each sport are as follows:

    • Flag Football                  5 players
    • Soccer                           5 players
    • Volleyball                       4 players
    • Innertube Water Polo    4 players
    • Basketball                     4 players
    • Dodgeball                      4 players
    • Kickball                          8 players
    • Softball                          8 players
    • Ultimate                         5 players
  2. Forfeits are disruptive to the Intramural Sports program and are an irritation to everyone involved. Prior planning and notification will alleviate forfeits and will help increase the quality of the Intramural Sports program.

  3. If an individual/team forfeits two games/matches during a sport season, then that individual/team will be banned from further participation in that sport from the time of the second forfeit during that season. The members of that team may not be picked up by other teams to be added to their rosters.

  4. All forfeits count as a loss and a half in league standings. Example: Team A wins 3 games, loses a game and forfeits a game. Team A’s record is 3-2.5

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Rescheduled Games/Matches

  1. Game/match reschedule requests will be granted if possible.  Everything will be done to accomplish the request, but with the many variables that are involved, some game/match reschedule requests may not be feasible.

  2. Rescheduling games/matches is an option, but one that should be used only when absolutely necessary.  Inclement weather and academic functions are considered causes for rescheduling.

  3. No games/matches will be rescheduled due to the absence of team members or coaches.  Social functions are not grounds for rescheduling.

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Overtime Play & Mercy Rules

Overtime Play is necessary when teams are tied at the end of regulation play.  While it is important to give both teams equal opportunities to win in overtime, consideration for time and other factors must be taken into consideration.  Mercy rules are incorporated into the various games/matches for sportsmanship and temperament reasons. The following overtime play and mercy rules will be in effect for the BSC Intramural Sports program:

Flag Football
Overtime – Ball will be placed on the 20-yard line and each team will have 4 downs to score a touchdown. PAT's will be:

  • First two OT scores – 3-yard line (one point)
  • Third and subsequent OT scores – 10-yard line (two-points)

Mercy Rule – Thirty (30) point advantage at any time.

Overtime – No timed overtime. Best of five goal kicks will determine the winner.
Mercy Rule – Seven (7) points at any time during the match.

Inner Tube Water Polo
Overtime – Three-minute OT period will be played.
Mercy Rule – Seven (7) points at any time during the match.

Overtime – Three-minute OT period will be played. Each team will acquire an additional 30-second time-out per OT played.
Mercy Rule – Thirty (30) point advantage at any time.

Softball & Kickball
Overtime – One inning at a time will be played until a winner is determined.
Mercy Rule – Fifteen (15) runs after the fourth inning of play and ten (10) runs after the fifth inning.

Overtime – Three-minute OT period will be played.
Mercy Rule – Seven (7) points at any time during the match.

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  1. In some team sports, the number of teams will require that play be separated into two leagues - the “Panther” and “Southern” leagues. If further divisions are needed, “Black” and “Gold” divisions will be used.

  2. If interest in a Co-ed league in a sport exists, then participants will be allowed to compete in both the Co-ed division and either the Women's/Men's leagues.

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Championship Determination

A single elimination tournament will be held to decide the champion in each league. The team with the best “regular season” record will claim the #1 seed and will play the #4 seed (4th-best regular season record). The #2 seed will compete against the #3 seed. The winners of each game will compete against each other for the championship. The two losing teams will be awarded the points for third and fourth places.

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All-Sports Trophy

  1. The Intramural Sports point system has been devised to determine the winner of the BSC All-Sports Championship Trophy in men's and women's competitions.  Points are awarded for participation and order of finish in the post-season tournaments.  The men's and women's teams accumulating the highest point total for the fall and spring semesters will be awarded the All-Sports Trophy.

  2. The All-Sports Trophy points are awarded as follows per sport:

    • First place 100 points
    • Second place 75 points
    • Third/Fourth places 40 points
    • Participation 10 points
  3. In case of a tie for All-Sports the following tie-breaker will be used:

    • Most First Place finishes
    • Most Second Place finishes
    • Most Third Place finishes
    • Most Fourth Place finishes
    • Highest finish in Softball/Kickball
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Sportsman And Sportswoman Of The Year

At the conclusion of the intramural sports year, each organization will have the opportunity to vote on the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year.  Each organization will vote for one person from their organization and one person from another organization.  The votes will be tabulated and the persons receiving the most votes will be named Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year.

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Sport Rules

Rules for the various intramural sports are available below.




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