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Student Conduct

Student Conduct

Learning communities are unique entities, grounded in values of integrity, respect for self and others, appreciation of diversity in many forms, and numerous other essential ideals. At Birmingham-Southern, these values are expressed through the significant expectations and responsibilities we place on our students which are intended to foster a secure and healthy environment which promotes student learning and development.

The responsibilities and expectations of our students are outlined in our Honor Code, our Social Conduct Code, and numerous other specific policies detailed in the Student Handbook. Whenever students violate these Codes and policies, a Student Conduct process is initiated to address the problematic behavior. Our process takes a developmental approach, designed to help students understand the responsible choices and behavior expected of them, and the impact of their actions on others in the campus community and beyond, where appropriate.

The Dean of Students directs and coordinates the various processes that comprise Student Conduct, working with a team of other Student Development professionals to respond to incidents that occur. The Vice President for Student Development oversees Student Conduct. Questions regarding Student Conduct are best directed to the Dean of Students, Ben Newhouse, at 205/226-4725 or through email.