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This library contains documents, articles, handouts, worksheets, and information briefs on a variety of career related topics, issues, and concerns. These resources are intended to provide the serious career planner the general tools necessary to enhance the processes of career planning, career exploration, professional development, career transition, and job market strategies.

Career Exploration

College to Career Transition
Career Planning
Careers & Personality
Personality Type
Self Discovery
Self Reflection
Exploring Your Options
Goal Setting
Career Action Plan
Career Information & Research
Career Planning Grid

Managing Your Campaign

Job Search Strategies
Job Market Information
Networking Techniques
Prospecting Techniques
Job Search Overview

Marketing Yourself

Resume Writing
Resume Tips
Resume Format
Letter Formats
Resume Samples
Cover Letter Samples
Resume and Cover Letter Templates
Curriculum Vitae Template
Resume Overview
Reference Sheet Template

Interviewing Process

Interview Skills
Interview Preparation
Interview Questions
Interview Attire
Interview Prep Sheet
Interview Overview

Workplace Success

Skills Employers Value
Work Ethic
Etiquette Tips
Liberal Arts Advantage
Career vs. Job

Graduate School

Grad School Prep
Grad School Advice
Grad School Notes