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Office of Accessibility

Office of Accessibility

Birmingham-Southern College is committed to providing each student with the resources and support needed to ensure the best opportunity for a healthy and successful experience on the Hilltop. The Office of Accessibility seeks to provide a wide range of accommodations and modifications through partnerships with the offices of Academic Affairs, Counseling & Health Services, Residence Life, and Dining Services.

Birmingham-Southern College recognizes a student with a disability as one who is substantially limited by an impairment in one or more major life activities. A variety of services including classroom accommodations such as extended time for testing, distraction-free testing, proctored testing, and note-taking assistance are available to students to assist them in their pursuit of academic success. Residential modifications may include ADA accessible rooms, entry floor rooms, or service animals to ensure an appropriate living environment is available. Meal plan modifications to accommodate special diets due to medical conditions are also available.

Students requesting academic or residential accommodations, or meal plan modifications should contact the Office of Accessibility and provide the documentation appropriate to their disability. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and submit all documentation in a timely manner prior to be beginning of the academic semester for which they plan to enroll.