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Sometimes it’s not where you
start, but where you finish
that matters.

We want you to feel at home on the Hilltop. Several offices on campus work directly with transfer students, and there’s an transfer admission counselor trained to help answer your questions.

How to Apply:

  • If you have started a BSC application within the past two years, please fill out this form instead of starting a new application.

  • File an Application for Admission

  • Submit an official transcript from all post-secondary institutions you have attended

  • Request the dean of students at your most recent post-secondary institution to complete and submit a School Recommendation Form to the BSC Office of Admission

  • Request your high school to send an official transcript and ACT or SAT score

  • Submit an original personal statement to BSC

    Mail forms to:
    BSC Office of Admission
    Box 549008
    900 Arkadelphia Road
    Birmingham, AL 35254


If you are considering a transfer to Birmingham-Southern College, let us schedule a campus visit for you. If you schedule a visit and bring a completed application (including supplemental materials), we will waive the application fee. If you are traveling from outside Birmingham, ask about our travel vouchers. Please call our campus visit coordinator at 1-800-523-5793, ext. 7849, to schedule your visit.

You are considered a transfer student if you’ve already matriculated full-time at another institution or if you’ve graduated from high school and have earned 12 or more credits at another institution.

Sooner or later, every transfer student asks two questions: How long will it take me to graduate? How much will it cost? It depends. Typically, general education classes in community college will transfer without much trouble; more specific major-oriented classes won’t. We’ve listed exactly which transferable college courses in Alabama will transfer. The general education core requirements list gives you an idea of where you’ll stand in your progress towards a BSC degree. Our transfer student scholarships page will give you information on scholarships, financial aid, and grants.

We will also give you a transcript analysis before you decide to enroll so that you know in advance which classes will transfer—and exactly how long it will take you to graduate. Simply call to John McGinnis, Coordinator of Transfer Admission, at (205) 226-4684, and let’s talk.

As for the cost, everyone’s situation is unique. The staff in our Financial Planning Office are more than happy to talk to you about your specific needs, and you can reach them at (205) 226-4688. At Birmingham-Southern, you will find the opportunities, support, and connections that literally take you down any career path you choose.