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What will challenge YOU? Will it be a book you read, a student you meet, or a fact you learn? A creative project you never thought you'd complete? The chance to do real research with a faculty member? Or the connection of two ideas?

There's a reason The Princeton Review lauded our professors for being among the most interesting in the country. Our faculty members will figure out just what brings learning alive, and they'll prepare you for whatever profession comes next.

BSC offers more than 50 courses of study. To learn more, click here.

But there's more to us than a list of majors.

Here are just a few of the things that make BSC stand out:

  • Our Explorations curriculum is designed to equip students for an ever-complicated global world. Rather than just requiring a bunch of courses, we require you to learn skills that matter: strong writing and speaking, problem-solving, and connecting ideas across disciplines.

  • Our January Exploration Term gives you four weeks to take one class, work on a research or creative project, take on an internship, or travel the country or the world.

  • We prepare the professionals of tomorrow by offering everyone hands-on experiences: internships, travel, research, or service learning.

Special Programs

Our special programs for honors students, leadership, service-learning, international study, collaborative research, and entrepreneurship are second-to-none. Find out more about them here: