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The BSC Post Office

The BSC Post Office

Location and hours of operation:

The Birmingham-Southern Post Office is located on the first floor of the Norton Campus Center to serve the mailing needs of the campus community. Window service is available Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.—closed Saturday and Sunday. The post office also is closed New Years Day, Good Friday, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Products and services:

Shipping supplies and information, express mail, first class mail, media mail, certified//return receipt mail, registered mail, insured mail, domestic money orders, delivery and signature confirmations, priority mail, international express mail, and stamp sales. UPS picks up and delivers from campus through the Operations Department.

Forms of payment:

Cash and personal checks are accepted for purchases of $1 or more.

Campus mail process:

Individuals and recognized groups at BSC may use the campus mail system for internal deliveries to students, faculty and staff. All BSC employees and students are assigned a mailbox number. This number should be placed on all interoffice/internal correspondence. The mail for campus distribution may be dropped off inside the Post Office in the slot marked "Campus Mail." Any outgoing mail should be placed in the "U.S." or "Metered Mail" slots.

If a package or parcel does not arrive as expected, please promptly report the issue to the post office manager so that efforts can be made to locate the item. If it is not located within a reasonable amount of time, you will be provided with information on how to report the missing item to the U.S. Post Office in Birmingham.

Mailing deadlines:

First class mail and packages being sent from campus must be delivered to the BSC Post Office no later than 3:30 p.m. for pick up by the U.S. Postal Service; packages being sent from campus through UPS must be delivered to the Operations Department by 10 a.m.


Post office box numbers and mailbox combination codes are assigned to entering freshmen and transfer students and will remain the same for their entire stay at BSC. Once a student leaves BSC, mail forwarding service is provided-normally after graduation-from the second week of June through the second week of August.

The correct address format for mailing to a student at the college:

1st line: Student's NAME
2nd line: SCHOOL ADDRESS (optional)
3rd line: Student's BSC NUMBER
4th line: CITY, STATE ZIP

For example-

Ivy Major
900 Arkadelphia Road
BSC 540540
Birmingham, AL 35254

Mailing do's and don'ts to prevent mail delays:

  • Do not send cash. Mail with gift cards, prepaid Visa/MasterCard, personal checks payable to an individual, or money orders. Also please consider using registered, certified/return receipt, and signature confirmation mail or any carrier that can provide tracking information and signature confirmation. That way, any item lost or stolen can be traced, cancelled, and eventually replaced.
  • Do use the express mail service through your local U.S. Postal Service for urgent deliveries to students.
  • Don't use "P.O. Box 54----." Instead, use "BSC 54---"
  • Do double-check the address on correspondence/packages before mailing.
  • Don't mail gift cards or jewelry to students through regular mail. Use certified mail for gift cards and registered mail for jewelry.
  • Do place a name and department box number on envelopes for internal campus mailings.

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David Anderson
Post Office Manager
900 Arkadelphia Road
BSC 54090P0
Phone: 205/226-4735
Fax: 205/226-3073

Thomas Bledsoe
Post Office Assistant
900 Arkadelphia Road
BSC 5490PO
205/ 226-4735