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Post office FAQ

What do I do if I forget/lose my post office box combination?

Log in to your Thesis account and select the Students tab. Then, from the left side of the screen, select Change Personal Information [note: clicking this link will not change your information.] Scroll to the bottom of the page and your box number as well as combination will be displayed.

What do I do if a package I'm expecting does not arrive?

If a package or parcel does not arrive as expected, please promptly report the issue to the post office manager so that efforts can be made to locate the item. If it is not located within a reasonable amount of time, you will be provided with information on how to report the missing item to the U.S. Post Office in Birmingham.

Do I have to notify the campus post office of my address change if I no longer attend BSC or have graduated?

Yes. First, you must notify the U.S. Postal Service of the address change. Second, you must notify the BSC post office manager either by e-mail, telephone, or in person [note: after a student graduates, the BSC Post Office will continue to forward mail for new graduates from the second week in June to the second week in August. The U.S. postal service will forward mail for 30 days.]

I moved from Hanson Hall to Hilltop Village Apartments on campus. How can I change my mailing address?

Your post office box number will remain the same [note: we do not forward mail to residence halls.]

Will my annual subscriptions be forwarded if I no longer attend BSC or graduate?

Yes, any magazines and newsletters will be forwarded to your new address once we are notified.

I moved from my residence hall to an apartment on the Southside of Birmingham, how will my mail be forwarded?

You will continue to have a campus post office box until you graduate. If you would like to have your mail sent directly to you, you must fill out a change of address form with the U.S. Postal Service and notify the manager of the BSC Post Office. [note: in order to obtain a change of address form, visit usps.com, call 1-800-275-8777, or visit the BSC Post Office to pick up a form.]

Any idea what could have happened to a package I was expecting last week?

It depends on how the package was mailed. Contact the Operations Department on campus [note: call 205/226-4773 first if you have been tracking your package through UPS or FEDX.] If you have any more questions or concerns, come to the post office window and someone will assist you.

If I marry and my name changes, will I still get my mail?

Yes, but be sure to notify the post office manager about your new last name.

If a package is shipped to me via UPS after I've left BSC, will you forward it to my new address?

All graduating seniors are notified to change their address by May 1.

My dad likes to send me cash for school extras I need. What's the best way for him to send it?

I wouldn't recommend sending cash through the mail system. Ask him to directly deposit it into your bank account or to send a money order or check instead.