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Campus Police

Crime Prevention and Awareness

Education of the campus community concerning personal safety and crime awareness is an ongoing process.

The Office of Student Development, the Student Government Association, the Residence Life staff, and Campus Police all play vital roles in providing programs and information designed specifically to prevent students, as well as faculty and staff members, from becoming victims of crime.

Safety Tips

In Residence Halls:

  • Always lock your dorm room, even if you are only gone a brief time.
  • Do not prop external doors open; the locks are for your safety.
  • Engrave valuables; Campus Police has an engraver.
  • Report suspicious people or incidents to Campus Police immediately

In Your Car:

  • Always lock your car doors when driving or when you park your car.
  • Lock your valuables in the trunk when possible.
  • Pay attention to pedestrians while in traffic.
  • In case of trouble, if someone stops to help, ask for assistance but do not get out of the vehicle; keep the doors locked and the windows up.

When You Are On Foot:

  • Walk in groups of two or more.
  • Walk in well lighted, populated areas.
  • Call Police on a Blue Light Phone if you are suspicious of someone or require assistance.
  • Let your roommate or friend know where you are going and en you expect to return.