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Campus Police

Reporting of Incidents

If you become involved in an incident or need to report criminal activity, there are a number of ways to report incidents or acquire assistance. You can contact Campus Police by telephone at   226-4700   or in person at the Police Office located at the Bruno Entrance.

If assistance is needed immediately there are emergency assistance telephones (blue light phones) located at several locations on campus. There are call boxes at the main entrance of each Residence Hall. When the emergency phones are activated, the Campus Police know the exact location of the caller.

Blue light phones are strategically located at several locations on us, plus at the entrance of each residence hall. These phones are used for assistance at any time.

When an incident is reported to Police, an incident report will be completed and the matter will be investigated if necessary. Copies of the incident report are distributed to the Vice President for Business and Finance and the Vice President for Student Development. These offices, in conjunction with Campus Police, will determine the final disposition of the matter reported and will recommend the appropriate action to be taken.

Students are educated in a number of ways as to the reporting of incidents and seeking assistance offered by Police. During Orientation, students receive information concerning Police. The Residence Life staff and the Office of Student Development inform students of proper procedures for reporting incidents and how to request assistance. The Birmingham-Southern College Student Handbook also includes a section concerning Police

Emergency assistance is offered for medical emergencies, fires, and criminal incidents. Campus Police is always close by for any emergency situation.