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The Newest Addition to Hilltop Police

Bike Patrol

Birmingham-Southern's outstanding Campus Police Department has long patrolled The Hilltop by car and on foot. Now they also patrol by mountain bike. Birmingham-Southern began exploring this concept in 1996. The Campus Police Department talked to other colleges and cities that were already using bikes. According to Chief Randy Youngblood, they found that in addition to being a valuable crime prevention tool, they are also good for public relations. "When an officer is patrolling on a bike, he has more opportunities to interact with members of the community and he gets to know them better."

Chief Youngblood approached the SGA about helping sponsor the bike patrol and he says his request was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. "We are sincerely grateful to the SGA for their assistance with this worthwhile endeavor."

Six officers staff the "Bicycle Patrol Unit." Sergeants Jeff Harris, Dennis Davidson, and Officer Sam Pilato have received national police bicycle certification.

Chief Youngblood says, "In addition to their being extremely popular with our students, faculty, and staff, bicycles are arguably the most effective method of patrol on a college campus, especially those the size of BSC.”