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Can I access my BSC Email on my Cell Phone?

If you have one of the latest smartphones (iPhone, Droid, Windows Mobile, etc.) that is able to sync/connect with Exchange/Outlook Email, you may be able to access your BSC email account with your cell phone. You will need to purchase a data plan from your cell service provider in order to do this.

Here is the information that you will need to access your Exchange/Outlook email on your phone:

Best results have been reported when old exchange setup is removed from the phone first.

Username: yourusername@bsc.edu
Password: your existing password
Domain: <should be left blank or empty>
Server: outlook.office365.com or m.outlook.com

On some devices, you may need to also check the following:

  1. Use secure connection (SSL)
  2. Accept all SSL certificates

If you have problems, please see your cell phone instruction manual or provider's website to see if your cell phone is capable of accessing Exchange/Outlook email and for the actual set-up procedures.

For further assistance, please contact your service provider.

Here are several links to the most popular cell phone provider websites:


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