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Login Information for Students at BSC



Go to http://moodle.bsc.edu

Type in your username
Type in your password
Click Login

(info provided in letter from Admissions Department)

To update your password, click on the Password Change link under MyBSC at the top of this page.






Image 2A list of the courses that you are enrolled in will appear. Click the name of the course to enter the course and find material.

If one of your courses isn't listed, one of the following may be true,

  1. The faculty member for that course has not made the course available yet or doesn't intend to use Moodle.
  2. You haven't officially enrolled in the course yet with our records dept.
  3. You just enrolled in the course today. Tonight after midnight you should be added to the course and it will appear in your listing by tomorrow morning.

Contact the helpdesk if you are sure none of these is the case.

Image 3If you login and see this, one of these things may be true.

  1. None of the faculty for your courses has made their Moodle courses available yet.
  2. None of the faculty for your courses plan to use Moodle.
  3. You have not officially enrolled in any courses with the BSC records dept. Please contact the records dept to officially enroll.

Contact the helpdesk if you are sure none of these is the case.

Didn't find your answer?
Call the IT helpdesk at 205-226-3033, Monday-Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm
E-mail helpdesk@bsc.edu
Student personal computer support is available through Apogee 24x7 at 1-877-478-8861.