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Faculty and Staff label download instruction

This document describes the steps necessary to transfer the Faculty/Staff label files from Colleague to your PC using UI.

Step 1.
Label File Creation in Colleague:

Steps to Download the file to your PC

Step 2.
After logging into the system point to the task bar labeled "Options" and click the left mouse button. This will pull down the options task list. Point to "Import File" and click the left mouse button.

**IMAGE 1**

Step 3.
Populate the fields like the example below. The "Items:" field is your Faculty/Staff file name within Colleague and the "Local file:" is what you want to call it on your PC. You can save the screen below after you populate it. You might save it as filetransfer.wis and then use it each time you want to import a file down to your PC.

Faculty/Staff Label file name legend:

FACSTF – Faculty/Staff, full and part time
FACULTYFP – Faculty, full and part time
FACULTYF – Faculty full time
FACULTYP – Faculty part time
STAFFFP – Staff full and part time
STAFFF – Staff full time
STAFFP – Staff part time

**IMAGE 2**

Step 4.
Click 'OK' to transfer the file and if everything transfers correctly the "Status:" should indicate the file transfer finished ok, click the "Exit" button to exit the screen. This will return you to the normal UI screen from which you began the process. Your file transfer is now complete.

** IMAGE 3**

Step 5.
Instructions for creating your mail merge file and printing the labels.

  • Open MS Word, go to the Mailings, Start Mail Merge, Labels
  • Under "Label vendors" choose Avery US Letter, click on 5162 in the "Product number" block and then press "OK"
  • Now click: Select Recipients and then click on "Use existing list"
  • Go to the appropriate drive, find your file and click "Open".
  • Then click "Insert Merge Field" and insert each field one at a time to create the label format. NOTE: Make sure the cursor is in the top left of your document.
  • Click on the "Update Labels" icon
  • Click Preview Results and then Preview Results
  • Click "Finish & Merge" and then "Print Document"
  • On the "Merge to Printer" block make sure you check the "All" circle and then press "OK"

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