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BSC Technology Proposal Form

In order to more effectively plan for technology needs, both in the classroom and the office, the following form has been established for approving new technology proposals. Proposals of an academic nature will be forwarded to the Provost for review. If the proposal will affect more than one department (i.e. a new general purpose lab or classroom), or if a question of priority is raised it will be sent to the IT Faculty Advisory Committee to obtain input from all interested parties. Recommendations from the committee may then be incorporated into the proposal.

 Examples of a technology proposal include but are not limited to:

  • A new computer, piece of hardware, server, server-based software, server storage, backup equipment, or phone facility (lab or classroom) for the department
  • New equipment or wiring for an existing lab or data/telecommunication facility
  • Construction of new or relocation of existing facilities that require any type of data or telecommunication equipment.  All new facilities will be required to include electrical and data connections.
  • New campus services that require data or telecommunication services such as online registration or a campus card system or anything that may use these services.
  • Software purchases (both for individual pcs or servers)

The IT department meets each Thursday at 2:00 (except on holidays and unforeseen circumstances). New tech proposals are discussed at that time. Please complete your form submission by noon on Wednesday to be considered in our Thursday meetings. You can expect initial communication by the Monday following your proposal submission. If it is necessary for IT to receive an attachment with this proposal, please send an email with the file(s) to helpdesk@bsc.edu and use BSC Technology Proposal for the subject line.

Note: All fields are required. If a question is not applicable to your request, please enter N/A.

Phone Extension:
Requested Deadline for Approval:
Expected Date of implementation of this technology:
Description of the technology project proposal:
Purpose of this project. (Please include a description of the changes or improvements hoped to be gained by use of this new technology):
Describe how this project would integrate technology into coursework or your work environment:
Specific descriptions of the new type of computers, tech hardware, software, network equipment or other technology being purchased (include numbers to be purchased if more than one):
List the funds identified to support this new technology and give a rough estimate of the cost of this technology (i.e. dept funds, grants, gifts, etc):

Estimate the expected life of this proposal before significant updates or changes need to be made (Give the best estimate in months, years, etc):

List the IT support that will be required for this new technology both initially and on an ongoing basis (consider purchase, installation, training, maintenance, network storage requirements, or backup needs):
List the people responsible for purchase, installation, training and maintenance if not IT:

List any ongoing materials or supplies or special needs that will be needed to support this technology (i.e. toner, paper, projector bulbs, network, lighting, sound, etc) and list the budget that will support these supplies:

List any additional staffing requirements that will be needed to support this technology (i.e. fulltime, part-time, work study, etc) and include the budget that will support these positions (including equipment needs for this position such as computer, desk, office, etc):
If other activities or classes will be displaced by this new technology (first gain approval from the registrar before submitting this proposal), and then include that description here for reference:
Has your department chair approved this proposal? Yes No
Other comments or information for consideration: