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Campus dining is a large part of your college experience. Our goal is to make your dining experience the best it can be by providing good, nutritious food in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. All you need is a paid meal plan and your student ID, and you have the freedom to dine the way you want.

BSC's dining facilities are managed by Aramark Dining Services. Aramark is a nationally known food service company dedicated to providing a balance food service program that meets nutritional, educational, and social needs of students and the college community.

Mandatory Meal Plan Requirement

BSC's commitment to provide quality food service and offer a variety of options requires contracting with a third- party food service vendor. For this reason, all students are required to purchase a meal plan each semester. A student's residency (residential hall, apartment, or commuter) determines the minimum meal plan requirement.

The Bursar's Office automatically assigns every student the minimum meal plan required for their specific residency type. The Explorations Term meal plan is the only exception.


Minimum Meal Plan Requirements by Residency

Residential Halls Hilltop Apartments Commuter
5 - Day All Access Apartment Plan Commuter Plan

Meal Plans

Unlimited Swipes - The unlimited swipe portion of a meal plan can only be used in the Norton Campus Center Dining Hall, better known as "The Caf".

Panther Bucks - Subway, C-Store, and The POD Express only accept Panther Bucks. Panther Bucks are equivalent to dollars and can be used at all food service venues. If your meal costs $8, then $8 is deducted from your Panther Bucks balance. Panther Bucks can also be used in "The Caf" on the weekends. Students can log in to Thesis to view their Panther Bucks balance.

5-Day All Access Meal Plan

  • Monday - Friday unlimited swipes Norton Campus Center Dining Hall
  • $400 Panther Bucks
$2,525 per semester

7-Day All Access Meal Plan

  • 7 Days unlimited swipes at Norton Campus Center Dining Hall
  • $100 Panther Bucks
$2,597 per semester

Apartment Meal Plan

  • 150 meal plan swipes at Norton Campus Center Dining Hall
  • $750 Panther Bucks
$2,004 per semester

Commuter Meal Plan

  • $300 Panther Bucks
$300 per semester

Explorations Term Meal Plan
Exploration Term is a four-week period each January in which students develop their potential for creative activity and independent study by exploring one topic of interest. Because the Explorations Term is only four-weeks long, the “Eterm” meal plan is optional. On January 1st, every student is given a $300 Panther Bucks credit limit. Unlike other meal plans, student’s accounts are only charged for the dollar amount spent during the term, not the plan amount. For this reason, Eterm meal plan charges are not charged until February. Please plan accordingly

Exploration Term Meal Plan

  • $300 Panther Bucks
  • Optional Plan
  • Charged for dollar amount spent
Dollar Amount Spent

Summer Meal Plan

  • 4 week plan - Mandatory $400 Panther Bucks
  • 8 week plan - Mandatory $400 Panther Bucks

Panther 40 Plan

  • A little goes a long way
  • 40 meals
  • Add $100 Panther Bucks and we will credit your account with an extra $10.
$330 per semester

Choosing the Right Meal Plan

Residential Hall Residents: Available Options: 5-Day or 7- Day

Choosing the right meal plan depends on how often you think you might dine at Subway or purchase items from the C-Store or POD Express. These venues only accept Panther Bucks. The 5-Day All Access meal plan includes $400 in Panther Bucks versus the 7-Day $100. If you think you'll dine in "The Caf" the majority of the time, the 7-Day All-Access meal plan may be the plan for you. The majority of residential hall students select the 5-Day All Access plan for the higher Panther Bucks balance.

Hilltop Apartment Residents: Available Options: Apartment Plan, 5-Day, or 7-Day

The Apartment Plan is designed with your apartment kitchen in mind. The $750 Panther Bucks can be used at the C-Store and POD Express to stock your kitchen and still have enough left over to use at Subway. The Apartment plan also includes150 Caf meal plan swipes. If you think you need less Panther Bucks and more unlimited swipes, select the 5-Day or 7-Day plan instead.

Commuter Students: Available Options: Any Student Meal Plan

The advantage you have as a commuter is you have the option to select any student meal plan. Determine how often you think you might dine on campus or utilize other food service venues. Select the plan that best suits your needs and schedule. You can always add Panther Bucks to your plan.

Panther Bucks Additions

Running low on meal plan money? As long as your student account is in good financial standing, you can add Panther Bucks by completing the online Panther Bucks addition form. We ask that you add in $50 increments and limit requests to $200. Unused Panther Buck additions are refundable down to the minimum meal plan requirement.

Click here to add Panther Bucks!

Meal Plan Change Deadlines

Fall Deadline - August 31st Spring Deadline - February 10th

For billing purposes, BSC automatically assigns a meal plan to every student based on their current residency type. If you would like to upgrade your meal plan, please complete the online Meal Plan Change form. Click here to change your meal plan!

Partial Meal Plan Waiver Policy

Birmingham-Southern College requires all students to purchase a meal plan. The College may grant a student a partial meal plan waiver for a documented disability, chronic medical condition or religious dietary observances.

Partial waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will only be considered for those students who demonstrate need and provide appropriate documentation. Students requesting a meal plan waiver must complete the Partial Meal Plan Waiver Request form and provide supporting documentation to the Bursar's Office by July 31st for the fall semester and December 31st for the spring. If a student applies for a waiver by July 31st and is approved, the waiver is valid for one year.

Medical meal plan waivers require supporting documentation from the student's physician. The physician cannot be related to the student. Documentation should be on letterhead, dated, signed and include the following information:

  • A current statement of the diagnosis and date of onset.
  • Detailed information of all the medical or dietary restrictions.
  • The alternative plan recommended for the student and how the student will eat throughout the year.
  • An estimate of the length of time that this treatment will be necessary.

Once reviewed and if appropriate, students will be asked to make individual appointments with the Director of Food Service. The Director of Food Service will make a recommendation regarding the ability of the food service program to meet the special dietary needs of the student. The student will be notified via email as to whether the waiver has been approved, denied or requires follow up with the physician/dietician.

Religious dietary observance waivers require a written statement (on letterhead) from the student's religious leader stating reason for dietary restriction.

Birmingham-Southern College reserves the right to deny a waiver for any reason.

Partial Meal Plan Waiver Form