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Student Account Information

Payment Due Dates

Fall Semester

July 31

Spring Semester

December 31

Summer June 1

TMS Payment Plan Due Dates

Fall Monthly Payment Plan

July 1

Spring Monthly Payment Plan

December 1st

Birmingham-Southern is aware of the growing challenge of financing a quality liberal arts education today. Although the principal responsibility of financing a college education lies with the student's family, BSC is committed to assisting families with affordable payment options.

Students are responsible for ensuring all financial obligations are met by the published due dates. Our advice to every student is to plan ahead. First, have a clear picture of your finances (tuition, fees, housing, meal plan, living expenses, etc.) Then determine if you need financial aid assistance. If so, complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at www.fafsa.gov.

For additional financial aid information, please contact the Office of Financial Planning at finaid@bsc.edu. Lastly, be prepared to pay your remaining balance.

Semester Payment

Payment for the semester (tuition, fees, room and board) is due in full by the published due date. BSC will not consider incomplete financial aid or partial payment.

Thesis & E-BILL

All student account statements are communicated through the College's internet-based system for electronic billing and payment, THESIS. Account information is available 24/7 via THESIS. Monthly email notifications are sent to students at his or her official BSC email in the form of an E-Bill. BSC encourages students to share important due date information with parents or person(s) responsible for paying the bill. Parents do not receive E-Bill notifications. BSC mails two paper statements each academic year. Fall semester statements are mailed in June. Spring semester statements are mailed in November. Payments not received by the due date are subject to a $75 late fee.

Miscellaneous Billing

The Bursar's Office acts as a clearinghouse for various charges and credits that are placed on the student's account by BSC departments and organizations. These charges are due by the end of the month the charge occurred. Students receive monthly E-BILL notifications. BSC reserves the right to revoke charging privileges without consult.

Charging Privileges

BSC allows you to charge purchases directly to your student account by using your student ID card. Your student account must be in good standing to charge to your student account.  Charges could include Bookstore purchases, Greek philanthropy sales, entertainment tickets, t-shirts, etc.

Student account charges are due in full by the end of the month the charge occurred. It is the student' s responsibility to notify parents or person(s) responsible for paying the bill of charges and balances due.

The responsibility rests with the student and parent to determine appropriate use for their individual situation. BSC reserves the right to revoke charging privileges without consult.

Payment Options


eChecks can be processed using THESIS or by calling the Automated Telephone Payment Line 1-866-894-3709

$3.00 eCheck Fee

Credit Card

Credit card payments can be paid online using THESIS or by calling the Automated Telephone Payment Line, 1-866-894-3709. We cannot accept credit cards via mail, phone, or in person.

crerdit card images

There is a 2.5% fee for each payment made by credit card.

Check, Cash, Money Order

Payments can be paid by mail or in person at the Student Accounts Counter located in the Student Services Building.

Mail your check to Birmingham-Southern College, Box 549040, Birmingham, AL 35254

Please include ID# on your check Do NOT mail cash.

International Payments - Flywire (formerly peerTransfer)

BSC has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition payment process for international students, offering excellent foreign exchange rates and significant savings to International students and their families. Go to www.flywire.com for additional information.

*NEW! Monthly Payment Plan

Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Five-Month Payment Plan $47 Participation Fee per semester


In an effort to streamline the enrollment process and eliminate the guesswork of estimating an annual plan amount, BSC recently changed payment plan types. In partnership with Tuition Management Systems, BSC is pleased to offer an interest-free five-month payment plan option.

Allowed Charges


Mandatory Fees
(SGA, ITF & lab fees)


Meal Plan

Plan Amount

Your payment plan amount should equal the amount needed to pay your semester bill in full.

Prior balances may not be included

Installment Schedule

July 1 - November 1

December 1 - April 1

Payments are due the 1st day of the month

Late Payment Plan Enrollment

$75 late fee applies

Missed payments as a result of late enrollment are due immediately.

Last day to enroll August 25th

Miscellaneous charges such as bookstore charges, parking decal fees, etc. are no longer allowed on the payment plan. These charges are due in full by the end of the month.

Enrollment in the monthly payment plan option is fast and easy. To enroll online, visit bsc.afford.com. To enroll by telephone, contact TMS at 800-722-4867.

Delinquent Payment Plan Accounts

Payment plan participants are required to make consecutive monthly payments as scheduled. Accounts with two consecutive missed payments or two returned checks will be canceled from the payment plan. Once canceled, the due date will revert back to the original due date of the prospective term. Therefore, the student must make immediate payment in full of the account balance owed. Cancellation from the payment plan prevents future payment plan enrollment. BSC reserves the right to deny payment plan privileges.

BSC Payment Policy

Payment policies are strictly enforced. Enrollment constitutes a contractual financial obligation to pay all tuition and fees and related costs of attendance. If payment is not received by the due date, a $75 late payment fee is assessed and a financial hold is placed on the student's account, preventing enrollment and on-campus housing. Pre-registered courses are subject to cancellation.

Students who decide not to attend some or all of their courses are required to officially withdraw. Otherwise, students will be held responsible for all charges.

Students who do not pre-register for courses for future terms will not receive a bill and will be required to register and pay in person. Full payment plus a $75 Late Registration Fee will be required to confirm registration.

Delinquent Accounts and Financial Holds

The privilege of registration and access to services and facilities will be denied to students who have been placed on financial hold. A financial hold will prevent students from enrolling in courses, moving into campus housing, obtaining a transcript, graduating or receiving a diploma. Students are notified of financial holds via email and THESIS.

Although the college would prefer not to use such remedies, BSC has the right to impose the following measures due to delinquent accounts:

  • Registration cancellation
  • Eviction from student housing
  • The extension of credit and provision of services, grade reports, transcripts, diplomas, and graduation is denied
  • Accounts are submitted to an outside collection agency

Financial holds can only be released by payment of the overdue balance.