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Rowdy Cash Addition Form

We are pleased to offer a new declining balance feature for student organization items, fundraisers, campus event tickets, athletic concessions, and theatre tickets. You may add Rowdy Cash in increments of $50. And unlike Panther Bucks, Rowdy Cash will remain on your account until graduation.

To add Rowdy Cash to your account, you have several options:

  1. Use our convenient ONLINE PAYMENT process to add $50, $100, or more. Funds will be added to your card within two business hours.

  2. PAY IN PERSON by visiting the Student Accounts Counter located in the Student Services Building. Check or cash only; funds will be added immediately.

  3. TELEPHONE PAYMENT in increments of $50, along with submission of the form below. Call 866-894-3709 after completing the form. Funds will be added within two business hours.

All requests will be processed during normal office hours upon receipt of payment. We cannot add funds based only on completing the form below. Please allow two hours for payment verification.

Your student account must be in good standing. BSC reserves the right to decline additions.

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OFFICE HOURS are 9:00am-3:30 M-F.