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Prepaid College Tuition Plans

BSC Bursar's Office works with families to facilitate Prepaid College Tuition Plan payments.  Listed below are the required administrative procedures to process prepaid benefits:

  • Prepaid programs require new students to submit intent to enroll documentation.
  • BSC requires new students to complete the online BSC Prepaid College Tuition Plan Form (below). 
  • The Student’s prepaid program sends BSC an authorization to invoice benefits.
  • BSC Bursar's Office takes control of the remaining administrative processes.
    • Students are allowed to defer the estimated payment amount until the funds are received.
    • Funds are received approximately 8 weeks after the first day of class. 
    • The estimated payment amount BSC allows students to defer is based on the 16 hour semester rate.
    • Most prepaid plans have limited semester hours available; for this reason, contract holders are asked to monitor contract balances.

Alabama Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT)

  • Alabama PACT benefits can be used for 135 semester hours of undergraduate tuition and eight semesters of mandatory fee payments. 
  • BSC students typically exceed 135 semester hours.  As a result, seniors often exhaust PACT benefits prior to their final semester. 
  • Summer school semester hours are only invoiced upon receipt of the Prepaid College Tuition Plan Form.

Out-of-State Prepaid Programs

The administrative processing of out-of-state prepaid college plans is handled in the same manner as the Alabama PACT program.  Semester hourly rates and annual benefit amounts differ from state to state.  Contract holders are asked to contact their program for specific benefit information.  The payment deferment option is available to out-of-state participants.

Birmingham-Southern administers out-of-state prepaid programs in accordance with each State’s specific guidelines. 

Special Invoicing Requests

There are occasions when families may wish to use prepaid benefits in the summer, to restrict the number of invoiced semester hours, or to request lump sum payments.  These requests must be submitted using the Prepaid College Tuition Plan form below.

Prepaid College Tuition Plan Form

Last 4 digits of SSN:

Last Name:

First Name


Name of Prepaid Program:

Special Instructions: