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Amy C. CottrillAmy C. Cottrill

Denson N. Franklin Professor of Religion
Office: Berte Humanities Building 106
Contact info: Box 549025
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35254
Office phone: (205)226-4619
Office Fax: (205)226-3089
Email: acottril@bsc.edu

My primary area of research is the book of Psalms in the Hebrew Bible, particularly the psalms of lament.  I am particularly interested in the connection between interpretation and ethics, especially as it relates to the interpretation of biblical literature. 

Courses taught: Hebrew Bible, Christian Scriptures,  Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Gender and the Hebrew Bible, Violence and the Bible, Sexual Ethics in Global Perspective, Christian Scriptures in Literature, Art, and Film, Social Justice and Biblical Traditions

JJ. Lawrence Brasher. Lawrence Brasher

Professor Emeritus
Office: Berte Humanities Building 316
Contact info: Box 549034
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35254
Office phone: (205)226-4863
Office Fax: (205)226-3089
Email: lbrasher@bsc.edu

My long-term interests are in religion in the South and in spirituality and the environment.  My doctoral research explored the holiness movement in the South at the turn of the twentieth century with particular interest in folk narratives and practices and their relationship to preaching.  My other strong interest is in sustainability and the environment and their relationship with religion and spirituality.  My research has treated the religious sensibilities of eighteenth-century French botanist and explorer of America, Andre Michaux, and I also conduct botanical research on the native flora of Alabama. 

Courses taught: Ecospirituality and Environmental Sustainability; Introduction to Christianity; Religion and Society; Christian Ethics; Contemporary Christian Theology; Religion and the Natural World; Religion in America; Religion and Politics in America

Joseph Wiinikka-LydonJoseph Wiinikka-Lydon

Assistant Professor of Religion
Office: Berte Humanities Building 308
Contact Information:
Box 549025
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Rd
Birmingham, AL 35254
Office Phone: 781-475-8914
Office Fax: (205) 226-3089
E-mail: jbwiinik@bsc.edu

Before coming the Birmingham-Southern, I taught at Denison University and Sewanee: The University of the South, having earned a doctorate in religion, ethics, and society from Emory University. I currently work in the area of religious ethics, researching the ways in which religious and philosophical ethics can provide resources to other fields, such as the social sciences, in the area of violence and moral subjectivity. Most recently, this research has focused on expanding notions of moral injury. For example, in a recent article in Political Theology, I argue that we should reframe moral injury less as an injury and more as an issue of moral epistemology, as the experiences of the morally injured can contain potential inherent critiques of social norms, policies, and their violent consequences in the world. Approaching moral harm through social ethics, and deploying theo-ethical concepts, such as the prophetic, can shift our understanding of moral injury as disability to an occasion, albeit a difficult one, for the development of a critical moral insight into one's society. I am currently working on a manuscript, Speaking of Virtue , showing how virtue theory, particularly that of Iris Murdoch, can provide the social sciences with language and conceptions of the human that can help us better understand moral injury in a way that prioritizes the experience of those who suffer such harms.