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The Rat Lab:

Dr. Lynne Trench oversees the Rat Lab, which is housed in the 24.1 million dollar state-of-the-art Elton B. Stephens Science Center. Students enrolled in Psychology of Learning have the rare and extraordinary opportunity to work with rats to better understand how animals (and humans) learn new behaviors. Students use operant boxes (or Skinner boxes) to train rats to press a bar for food, among other things.

Occasionally, students in PY417 (Senior Seminar: Research in Psychology) will use the Rat Lab to conduct a study for their senior project. In the past, students have conducted studies on the effects of Ginseng or Ginkgo on rats in the Morris water maze or on running wheel activity.

Watch video clips of past student projects for Psychology of Learning!

Training a rat to paint

Training a rat to jump hurdles

Training a dog to fetch a beer

Rat fetching a ball from water

Rat playing Fetch