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Dr. Lynne Trench in the Rat Lab

Welcome to the Psychology Department!

If you're like most people, you've looked at the world around you and wondered what exactly makes human beings tick. Psychology is the scientific study of the brain, mind, and behavior. Psychologists use the scientific method to answer a host of questions like: Why are drugs and alcohol so addictive? Can our genes determine how intelligent we are? Will I develop Schizophrenia? Why do so many people believe in weird things (like ESP)? What's going on in the brain when we sleep and dream?

Major, Minor:

Students can major or minor in Psychology.

Overview of the major:

Psychology majors obtain a strong foundation in statistics and research methods as well as the following areas: biological, cognitive, learning, social, developmental, and clinical psychology. See the college catalog for the most up-to-date information on requirements for the major.

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Department Chair: Dr. Lynne Trench
Department of Psychology
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