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Exploration term classes (January):

Psychology faculty members teach a variety of interesting E-term classes in January. For example, Dr. Heather Meggers has taught Gender in American Pop Culture where students explore a variety of media (magazines, books, films) and discuss how gender is represented (or misrepresented) in popular culture.

Dr. Tricia Witte and Dr. Lynne Trench have team-taught Psychology of Stress, where students learn the biological and psychological factors related to stress and practice a variety of stress-reduction techniques (e.g., deep breathing, meditation).

Dr. Shane Pitts has taught Psychology in Cinema, where students watch films and documentaries and then discuss topics portrayed in the films such as memory and amnesia, perception, prejudice, social cognition, psychological disorders, and more.

Dr. Richard Rector has taught Sport Psychology, where students learn how psychological principles apply to performance issues.