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Sociology – Success Stories

BSC sociology students go on to top graduate programs in social work and then to careers in counseling, policy, and other social services. They also have a high acceptance rate into law schools around the country, and pursue a diverse range of careers in law. Or consider a developing field such as medical sociology, in which professionals study the causes and spread of disease through an epidemiological perspective or study the organization of the health care system and how it is affected by factors such as poverty or race.

A few examples of graduate programs that BSC sociology students have attended:

Samford University, Cumberland School of law

The University of Alabama, Graduate School of Communications

The University of Chicago, Social Work Program

Ph.D. Program in biostatistics, The University of Iowa

Human Resources Specialist

The knowledge I gained as a at student at BSC shaped the lens through which I view the world. The curriculum developed my understanding of the internal and external factors that drive the actions of both individuals and groups. As a result, I began my career with the ability to solve problems, build consensus, and motivate people. Because I entered the workforce prepared to make a contribution, I experienced early success which has propelled my career. 

MARY ELLEN GREEN MATTISON ‘04 / Sociology-Psychology