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EconOmics, Political Science, and Sociology



By its nature, sociology integrates the study of history, political science, psychology, geography and economics. We’ve designed the program to give you concepts and tools for understanding human behavior in the social environment— based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, and other relevant variables. You’ll also learn how to understand data through empirical analysis and to communicate your findings, providing critical skills employers today seek.

Many BSC sociology students go on to social work, to graduate school, or into careers in social services. But with a sociology degree, you can enter a career in public service, business, education, law, counseling, or medicine, just to name a few of the possibilities.

If you study sociology at BSC:

  • You will do considerable research, through surveys and experiments, and present your results in writing and orally. Seniors must present their capstone project at a campus conference.

  • You can take courses that take advantage of BSC’s city location, studying urban sociology—which might include neighborhood surveys or projects downtown—or environmental sociology. 

  • BSC’s unique January Exploration Term offers options to spend a month on research or dig deep into a single topic, such as a sociological view of the death penalty. 

  • You’ll find numerous opportunities to apply what you’ve learned outside the classroom, from mentoring young adults caught up in the criminal justice system to serving as teaching assistants.