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Economics – Success stories

From BSC, your future could take you anywhere. As evidence that our graduates are prepared for a wide range of challenges, here is an informal look at one of our recent graduating classes of Economics majors:

10% entered medical school
30% went to work for financial services companies
10% entered the non-profit sector
50% pursued other fields such as: real estate, theatre, professional golf, and law school

“As a student at BSC, the staff and professors were dedicated to giving me the tools to succeed. My professors pushed me to develop my analytical abilities, hone my communication skills, and explore the importance of my class work within the greater context of society. When studying economics and related topics at BSC, I developed an interest in economic development issues and was prepared to step into a leadership position in a statewide nonprofit soon after graduation. Now, whether I am writing, compiling research, working with community partners, or speaking in public, I am reminded daily of the importance of what I learned in class and on campus.“

SaveFirst Coordinator at Impact Alabama