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EconOmics, Political Science, and Sociology


Dr. Kathleen Rossmann

These days, the economy is on everyone’s mind. Studying economics gives you a more thorough understanding and opens doors to countless opportunities in business, public service, and education. Here at Birmingham-Southern, we make sure every student is prepared for whatever comes next. Our graduates have gone on to succeed in the banking and investment world; in nonprofit organizations; in government and policy work locally, regionally, and nationally; and in many other fascinating careers.

What makes economics different at BSC?

  • We emphasize the fundamentals so that every single graduate has the groundwork for their next stage in life, whether that’s graduate school or the beginning of a career in business, public service, or education.

  • Given the connected nature of the world’s economies, our program has a strong international focus and many opportunities to study abroad, whether that means taking a travel course during Exploration Term, doing a banking internship in Spain, or participating in an exchange with the HES School of Economics and Business in Amsterdam.

  • Seniors tackle a research project, conducting primary research under the guidance of faculty and producing a research paper and presentation. Seniors also have a chance to talk with a panel of alumni—including business people in the financial sector, those in the nonprofit world, and college professors—about career opportunities.

Faculty profile - Guangjun QuGuangjun QU

Our economics faculty is always trying to find a new way to look at the world. Sometimes, that means looking at underpants. Yes, underpants! Professor Guangjun Qu—his students just call him "Dr. Q"—teaches an Exploration Term class that looks at how and where underwear is made, and what that can tell us about the rising manufacturing power of China and the effects of globalization on people’s lives. And Dr. Qu should know, as he’s a native of China and earned his B.A. and M.A. from Chongqing Technology and Business University there before coming to this country for his Ph.D. So when he teaches about economic development and Asian economics, he brings first-hand knowledge right here to BSC.