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Success Stories

Our graduates go on to rich, varied careers from the performance stage to the classroom to the executive suite. Regardless of the path they choose, they take with them an inspired love of music. In the last few years, our graduates have:

  • Taught music at Harlem’s St. Aloysius School
  • Earned Master’s degrees at Columbia, Julliard, Yale, Southern California and the University of Alabama
  • Earned Ph.D.s at the University of Edinburgh, Brown University and the University of Texas
  • Graduated from UAB School of Medicine; now working as a neurologist in private practice
  • Earned a Master’s at Columbia; is now in arts management at Columbia Artists and other financial management firms specializing in performing artists

“The liberal arts approach at BSC gave me a strong foundation which I use everyday as a board certified music therapist. Music therapy joins the arts and sciences and at BSC I was able to explore both.  I have the rewarding opportunity to touch people’s lives through the power of music.”
--Libby Van Pelt Stephens ’03
Music therapist at UAB Hospital