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Learning outcomes

Students who seek a degree in music must audition in their principal instrument and demonstrate sufficient competency to undertake college level work. Once accepted, students must achieve a proficiency level appropriate for their degree and must advance towards that degree at a rate acceptable to the music faculty. Following two years of study, a committee of music faculty will interview students. The committee will advise students concerning their degree plans and expectations.

Upon completion of the music major, students will be able to

  • hear, identify, and work with musical elements – rhythm, pitch, harmony, structure, timbre, texture,

  • head and apply musical notation through performance,

  • recognize and articulate an understanding of compositional process and musical style with reference to artists, technologies, events, and cultural forces through the major periods of history,

  • use research tools and analysis to develop, defend judgments, and write about music,

  • demonstrate a trajectory of continuing growth in applying skills and musical performance,

  • apply particular pedagogical skills to teach others.