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Facilities in the Hill Music Building

  • Twin Steinway concert grand pianos

  • Taylor Recording Studio, providing state-of-the-art recording facilities and diagnostic tools for students.

  • A 36-rank, tracker-action recital organ by Casavant Fréres

  • Tracker and electro-pneumatic practice organs by Schantz, Möller, and Ruhland.

  • Steinway, Yamaha and Baldwin practice pianos and classroom instruments.

  • Three technology-based studios including the state of the art Elebash Electroacoustic Studio featuring both Mac and PC platforms, a 10.2 audio system utilizing 12 Adam Speakers (http://www.adam-audio.de/), KYMA Symbolic Sound design environment (http://www.symbolicsound.com/cgi-bin/bin/view/Company/WebHome) design, and digital design software including Max/Msp, Nuendo, Audition, Waves, and Sonar. Other studios include the Music Technology Classroom and the Taylor Digital Recording Studio.

  • Yamaha Disclavier pianos and internet access in classrooms

  • A 280-seat Recital Hall