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Foreign Languages

Spanish Placement Exam

All new students entering Birmingham-Southern (either as first-year students or transfers) must take a placement exam in Spanish if they've studied the language prior to starting at Southern. This doesn't mean that they'll necessarily have to study Spanish rather than another language in college. It just means that, should they decide to continue their studies of Spanish, the Spanish faculty will know the most appropriate place for them to start with us.

Take the placement exam at here. When prompted for the password, it’s password. Here are the possible placements:

SN 101-102: This is for students who've never had any formal study of Spanish. We assume that students taking SN 101-102 are those who studied French, German, Latin, or some other language in high school.

SN 201: This is a one-semester course designed specifically for students who had some exposure to Spanish in high school (usually two years) but need a refresher before being ready for more advanced study at the intermediate level or beyond.

SN 220: This course is designed for BSC students who've completed SN 101-102 or SN 201 and want to continue studying Spanish. It's also appropriate for students who had two very good years in high school, or perhaps three or even four years in high school. It's an intermediate-level grammar review course that prepares students to continue with the intermediate conversation and reading courses.

SN 221: This is an intensive course in Spanish, designed for students who’ve had one or two years of Spanish in high school. Students start where SN 201 starts, but cover two semesters of Spanish in one semester at BSC. The course carries two units of credit and is ideal for students who want to jumpstart their ability in Spanish so they can go on to develop a meaningful degree of proficiency in the language.

SN 270: This is intermediate conversation and is taught entirely in Spanish. Students who've had a solid four or five years at the high school level and have a good grasp of grammar might place here.

SN 280: This is intermediate reading and focuses on teaching students strategies for reading in Spanish. It, too, is taught entirely in Spanish and requires a similar high school background as SN 270.

New students rarely place higher than SN 270 or SN 280. Students are welcome to talk with the Spanish faculty about their particular background in Spanish and any questions they have about their placement at BSC.