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Department of Modern Foreign Languages

Notre Dame
                                    BSC students at Machu Picchu, Peru

Studying a foreign language opens doors to other cultures and other ways of thinking. In fact, it’s an integral part of the liberal arts curriculum. It’s also a stepping stone to your future, whether you’re headed into a career in diplomacy, international business, medicine, or service; a reading knowledge of other languages is also a frequent requirement for graduate work in many fields. At Birmingham-Southern, our goal is to broaden students’ perspective while preparing them for future success.

But there’s more to Modern Foreign Languages at BSC than what happens in the classroom:

  • Put your skills into practice during our unique January Exploration Term. Spend your time living with a family or doing service-learning in a foreign country; shadow interpreters at a local hospital; or meet with a professor to read newspapers from around the world. Or take a longer semester to study abroad or do an international internship so you can see what it’s like to “live the language.”

  • Take part in our Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum program, which offers one-semester-hour courses in Spanish for a range of disciplines, including biology, chemistry and history. FLAC courses may also be arranged in Chinese.

  • Practice your budding language skills with native speakers in BSC’s international community, or take advantage of non-English events and conversation tables around Birmingham.

  • Take advantage of our Language Lab, stocked with 25 computers loaded with software to help learn a foreign language.

Dr. Barbara Domcekova, chair
Department of Modern Foreign Languages
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