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Media & Film Studies

MFS Faculty

A truly interdisciplinary program, the faculty members teaching courses for the MFS major span the entire campus and include the following:

Dr. Teddy Champion
Assistant Professor of Media and Film Studies
Email: rtchampi@bsc.edu
Office phone: (205) 226-7841

Robert Corna
Instructor of Media and Film Studies
Email: rjcorna@bsc.edu
Box 549028

Pamela Venz
Professor of Art
Email: pvenz@bsc.edu
Box 549021
Office phone: (205) 226-4933

Kevin Shook
Associate Professor of Art
Email: kshook@bsc.edu
Box 549021
Office phone: (205) 226-2949

Natalie Davis
Howell T. Heflin Professor of Political Science
Email: ndavis@bsc.edu
Box 549007
Office phone: (205) 226-4837

Susan Hagen
Mary Collett Munger Professor of English, Associate Provost
Email: shagen@bsc.edu
Box 549030
Office phone: (205) 226-4660 or (205) 226-7837

Sandra Sprayberry
Robert E. Luckie, Jr., Professor of English
Email: sspraybe@bsc.edu
Box 549028
Office phone: (205) 226-7832

Amy Cottrill
Associate Professor of Religion
Email: acottril@bsc.edu
Box 549025
Office phone: (205) 226-7830

Vincent Gawronski
Associate Professor of Political Science
Email: vgawrons@bsc.edu
Box 549007
Office phone: (205) 226-4847