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Media & Film Studies

Career Preparation

Media and Film Studies graduates have been accepted into the most prestigious graduate schools in the country, including University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Chicago, UCLA, and USC. MFS students at BSC have gained wonderful film and media experience in and around Birmingham. Take a look at what some of our students have been up to while completing their studies at BSC:


Film and Entertainment:


Broadcasting and Journalism:


Film and Media Production:

  • Future Perfect: Birmingham Museum of Art 60th Anniversary (accepted into the Sidewalk Film Festival)
  • Welcome to Golden Flake (accepted into the Sidewalk Film Festival)
  • Relative (accepted into Sidewalk Film Festival)
  • The Golden Girls of Magic City: An Examination of Women in Television Broadcasting
  • A Disoriented Experience: Viewing Sports in Restricted Narration
  • Robin and Finch
  • Visual Media Assets and Theory: Iron Tribe Fitness Denver, Colorado

Research Papers:

  • Independent Cinema and the Sundance Film Festival
  • Multiple Friends Did Not Lead to an Arrested Development: How Comedies Shifted Back into Single Camera Work
  • Film Adaptations of Snow White: The Influences of Screenwriting Manuals
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: A Transmedia Love Story
  • Science Fiction Film in Astronomy Education: A New Approach
  • The Food Advocacy Documentary: An Engaged Aesthetic in the Digital Age