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At Birmingham-Southern College, mathematics is more than just a finished product in a textbook—it’s a process. You’ll learn to rely on curiosity, critical thinking and your own inner knowledge to produce important and useful results, and you’ll be pushed to question, analyze, and effectively communicate technical material, all skills the employers of tomorrow are looking for. Math majors at BSC end up entering a huge range of careers after graduation, from robotics research and running their own software company to analyzing data for industry and assisting with the Ethiopian stock exchange.

When you study math at BSC, you’ll:

  • Take courses from enthusiastic faculty members that are both theoretical in focus and those geared towards applied fields such as engineering or actuarial study.

  • Get experience with hands-on research. For the senior capstone, develop a topic in close consultation with a faculty member, apply what you’ve learned to search for answers, and present your solutions at either a professional conference or to the campus community.

  • Spend our unique January Exploration Term working on research, tackling an internship, or taking courses like Baseball Statistics, Casino Math, and Infectious Disease Modeling.

  • Work in the Olin building, where students have access to two computer labs and two recently-created computer classrooms where each student has access to both traditional desk space and a new flat-panel PC.

  • Have opportunities to work on math outside the classroom, whether it’s tutoring in the Math Lab or joining the college’s Math Jeopardy! Team, which recently won its regional competition.

For more information, including a course listing, please visit the most recent issue of the Birmingham-Southern College Catalog.

To contact the BSC Mathematics Department, please write or email:

Dr. Jeff Barton, Chair
Mathematics Department
Birmingham-Southern College
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