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Study abroad is available for students in all majors. There are three program categories that allow BSC to meet every student's individual costs, interests and academic requirements. You can click on your major to find study abroad programs that meet your academic goals or you can learn about the variety of program options by clicking on the program type below.

Each major page reflects program options within all three categories below.

  1. BSC Exchange Programs
  2. BSC Direct Programs
  3. BSC Provider Programs

Planning ahead makes everything about overseas study easier. Below are important issues to consider as you decide which study abroad program to choose:

  • Complete the Study Abroad Interest Form to get the process started.
  • Visit with the study abroad advising staff and peer advisors to learn more about the programs and the study abroad requirements.
  • Talk with your academic advisor or department chair to plan the best terms to study abroad and develop an academic plan that includes courses you can take overseas.
  • Apply for study abroad scholarships. Some scholarship deadlines are posted a year in advance of travel so early planning is essential. Contact the Sklenar Center for more information.
  • Click here for scholarship awards for overseas study.
  • Consider including a RISE3 internship, research opportunity or service-learning component to your studies abroad.
  • Self-enroll in the Study Abroad organization on OrgSync for detailed information about study abroad program options, scholarships, checklists, internships, research and service-learning experiences overseas.

Student must meet the minimum requirements below for semester, summer and year abroad program. Application deadlines are nine months in advance of the study abroad semester.

  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Complete first-year at BSC (transfer students must be enrolled one semester at BSC prior to departure.)
  • Be in good social standing
  • Satisfactorily complete the required pre-departure topics course, IS 101A, the semester prior to your departure.

*Some university programs require a 3.0 GPA or higher. to be accepted into a program. You will want to research this information in the early planning stages to make certain you qualify for the program you choose.

"International experience is one of the most important components of a 21st century resume."
Dr. Allan E. Goodman, President and CEO, IIE