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Studying abroad is no longer just an option -- it's a necessity. From education to public health, solutions to the world's most complex problems will come from global thinking and cross-cultural collaboration.

Study Abroad Application Process

Step 1: Submit on-line study abroad application and request faculty recommendation by the appropriate BSC deadlines below.

Step 2: Apply for BSC travel awards and outside scholarships

Step 3:Register for the Pre-departure Course

This semester-long course offers an opportunity to learn more about your host country, your home country, and issues that will make cultural transitions easier. Pre-Departure Topics for Study Abroad is a required course for all students planning to study abroad (Summer/Semester/Year) regardless of major or minor

Step 4: Apply to one of BSC's partner university/exchange or provider programs.

When deciding upon your chosen university or program, consider courses, academic calendar, costs In addition to GPA requirements. GPA requirements vary between universities/programs and some institutions require a higher GPA than BSC's study abroad minimum of 2.5.

If you are interested in an exchange program, following acceptance to the study abroad program, the Sklenar Center will nominate you before you can apply to your chosen university. Check with Anne Ledvina about deadlines for nominations.

For additional assistance, please visit the Sklenar Center for International Programs.

Study Abroad Deadlines

Term of Study Abroad

Application Deadline

Spring 2018

Extended deadline, May 5, 2017

Fall 2018

November 29, 2017

Academic Year 2018-19

November 29, 2017

Summer 2018

November 29, 2017

"My study abroad experience changed me in a way I never expected. Not only was I exposed to a new and different culture and lifestyle, but I learned that I could thrive in that type of unfamiliarity. My need for knowledge increased, and I became completely dedicated to knowing my city, my host family, the people that I met, and the way of life. Through studying abroad, I forced myself outside of my long-established comfort zone but ended up creating a new type of comfort zone, extended and flexible, that I will hold on to and use throughout my entire life"
- Lucy Smart, CIEE Semester in Alicante, Spain