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Internships and Research AbroadStudents in Asia

International internships and research opportunities provide students with professional experience relating to people from different countries while gaining valuable knowledge in an increasingly interconnected world. In collaboration with the Contract-Learning Office and RISE3, the Sklenar Center for International Programs assists students interested in pursuing international careers by providing and preparing students for opportunities to intern in all fields of study and research with professionals and scholars overseas.

Internship placements are available during the summer and the semester. Most internship and research opportunities are embedded within study abroad programs and some are internships or research only. Depending upon the company, program or organization, internships may be paid or unpaid. Students have access to various international internship scholarships to help defray the costs of living/travel expenses.

Identify an internship by country, subject area and price:

For more information about the process, please contact Anne Ledvina aledvina@bsc.edu.