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Student in Chile

How would you like to become a chef for a day at a cooking school in Italy? Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef? Teach English at a rural school in Uganda? Have a front row seat to the film festival circuit? Come face-to-face with animals only found in the Galapagos Islands?

Birmingham-Southern students have done all of this and more while participating in E-Term study-travel projects.

Faculty-led study-travel projects during the January Exploration Term allow you to learn hands-on with BSC professors in a range of disciplines--often in some of the world's most beautiful and exotic places. The projects include two to three weeks traveling, followed by time on campus to complete the academic component of the experience, such as a research paper, a presentation, or a journal exercise.

Most BSC study-travel projects take students of all levels, from first-years through seniors. Students must be in good academic and social standing in order to participate in January study-travel. Click on the menu to the left for more details on policies about E-Term travel, exchanges, forms, and funding.

E-Term 2018 study-travel projects:

Please contact a faculty leader for more information about any specific travel requirements and to sign up for a project.

  • Travel to the Galapagos Islands to explore ecology, wildlife, and conservation of this unique ecosystem. Sail on a private yacht, accompanied by highly-trained naturalists who will introduce you to species that are found nowhere else in the world in Exploring the Galapagos Islands: Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation.

    Contact Barbara Domcekova or Megan Gibbons
  • Come with us on a trip of a lifetime! Five European Cities--four nights in each--three weeks total, two fabulous trip leaders, one phenomenal experience in European Culture and Global Media!

    Contact Janie Spencer or Natalie Davis
  • Immerse yourself in the history of Italy while visiting Rome, Florence, and Venice in Classical and Renaissance Italy: The Major Cities and the Places in Between.

    Contact Michael McInturff or Amy Cottrill
  • Travel to Uganda and work at the beautiful Buiga Sunrise School in the Mukono district and partner with a teacher to help K-7th graders learn English and prepare for secondary school. Enjoy both a land and water safari in the Murchison Falls area in Service-Learning: Education in Uganda.

    Contact Amelia Spencer or Kristin Harper
  • Examine independent cinema, its history, and its relationship with film festivals. Watch movies, attend panels and workshops, and interact with filmmakers and distributors in Sundance Film Festival and the Independent Film Market.

    Contact Teddy Champion or Robert Corna
  • Tour the musically-significant areas of Spain such as Granada, Segovia, Seville, Toledo, Cordoba, and Madrid and attend concerts, learn the history of the area, and tour sites such as the Alhambra in Granada, The Alcázar de Seville and the Alcázar de Segovia in Music in Spain.

    Contact Jeremy Grall or Jacqueline Leary-Warsaw
  • The natural beauty if Australia is unique in its societal structure, and this allows for unlimited creative possibilities and unique ways of seeing in The Natural Beauty and Art of Australia.

    Contact Steve Cole or Kevin Shook
  • Explore Havana, Cuba and its environs to appreciate the county’s dynamic art and music scene and to better understand creative outlets for cultural and political expression in politics and culture of Cuba.

    Contact Vince Gawronski or Caroline McLean
  • Travel to San Francisco, California to work with the Glide Foundation and the San Francisco Food Bank.  Meet the leaders of the church who have faced the challenges of poverty, homelessness, and addiction and responded in interesting and innovative ways in Service-Learning in San Francisco:  Communities of Compassion and Action.

    Contact Kent Andersen or Emily Thornton
  • Study business in the Czech Republic and Italy in BA 499: Moving Up the Food Chain: Vertical Integration in European Agribusiness firms.

    Contact Bert Morrow or Rick Lester