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BSC students and faculty describe their experiences during previous year's January Exploration Terms.


The most distinctive part of the Birmingham-Southern experience is the Exploration Term, a four-week period each January in which students develop their potential for creative activity and independent study by exploring one topic or interest. This intensive program of experiential learning--the middle section of the College's 4-1-4 academic calendar--offers students unique opportunities to be further enriched through on- and off- campus projects, independent study or research, foreign study experiences, and challenging and unusual internships.

Each January, Birmingham-Southern students have the distinct advantage of experiencing first-hand how their superior liberal arts education will benefit them and those they will serve in the emerging 21st Century global society.

First Year Exploration Term Registration

First-year students meet with their advisors on September 29, 2016, when they will obtain detailed information about online registration. After consulting the Exploration Term bulletin, each student will submit his or her top five Exploration Term choices via an online preference form. The online preference form will be used to register students in Exploration Term projects. Every effort is made to register as many students as possible in one of their top five choices.

Soon after submitting the preference form, the student is notified of the course he or she is enrolled in for Exploration Term. The student then attends an introductory meeting for the registered course on November 17, 2016.

Upper Division Exploration Term Registration

Exploration Term registration for sophomores, juniors, and seniors takes place on TheSIS, as does fall and spring registration. Specific registration instructions will arrive in each student's email box prior to registration. Upper division Exploration Term 2017 registration will occur October 18, 2016.

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